August 1, 2011
PS Vita hitting stores THIS OCTOBER?! That is like 2 months away!

Rumors have been running rampant about the date of when the PS Vita will hit stores. Just a few days ago, publisher 505 Games released a press release stating that¬†Supremacy¬†MMA will be coming “in the fall” for PS Vita. This was interesting due to the fact that SONY HASN’T ANNOUNCED A RELEASE DATE YET. So no way a game would come out BEFORE a system has launched right?

Well, Blockbuster decided to add some more fuel to the fire by releasing a flyer in the UK. Here is that flyer:

Yep, Blockbuster is now putting out that the PS Vita Wi-Fi and 3G models will be out on October 28th in the UK. So who wants to take bets that Sony will be announcing the release date soon?

My response to all this news: